Monday, May 20

diy: glacier jar

I finally got around to using some leftover supplies I bought over 2 years ago for a school project (omg, was it that long ago that I graduated....feelin' old) and the salsa jar I couldn't bring myself to through away. Add in a glue gun and its Funday Monday! This may be one of the toughest DIYs you've ever attempted so please, pace yourself! :)

a. empty and clean salsa jar or small mason-style jar (grocery store)
b. bags of frosted rocks (craft store)
c. hot glue gun [this diy only requires 1 glue stick]

this is pretty tough, so stay with me ;)

a. go through your rocks to find the ones with at least one smooth side, this will help them stick securely to the glass.

b. get to gluing! just apply enough glue to cover the flat surface of the rock and quickly place it onto the jar, wherever you want.  

My favorite thing about this jar now is that no matter who tries it or even how many times I remake it, it will never be the same. Each rock has its own shape, not one the same, so I now have a completely OOAK pen/supply holder for my new office!

NOTE: Some of the frosted rocks are pointed so unless you make sure you're using flat or dull edged rocks, I wouldn't recommend this for decor in a toddler/baby room. 


  1. Very unique and pretty idea! Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for checking it out Sharon! I had a blast making it.